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Lockdown is God's Training Ground

First shared Sunday 12th April

In the swirling of a very seemingly hidden and restricted place, where it feels like no end is in sight. 

Father has a very clear and strategic agenda to pull us in close, train us and propel us into our destinies and promised land!

This is not a time for us to become complacent but a time to surrender to the heart of God. 
Let this be the Passover where we lay down everything for our King! 

Where we ask him to change us and rearrange whatever he wants to in our lives for the sake of his Kingdom. 

This is our invitation to be changed from the inside out, to be trained in such aggressive faith! Then released for the end time army. 

Gods warriors are rising, will we surrender everything he asks of us no matter what the cost?  
He is doing so much more in this time of pause than we realise. HE IS DOING A NEW THING. We will never be the same again!  

Jesus died the most horrific death to save us when we least deserved it.  We owe him everything. He is so worthy of our yes and our whole lives. 

Tre Jolly