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Are You Ready?

A word shared by Ana Wei - 22/09/2022

My beloved,

You say you want more of Me? You say that you’re done with half measures? You are asking to know Me deeper?

Are you ready to receive the Fullness of Me? Are you ready to be persecuted for My sake? Are you prepared to face the burning arrows of My enemy, the devil?
Are you prepared to stand in the middle of the Burning Fire with Me? Yes, I will hold your hand, do not be afraid!

But you cannot know me deeper if you do not invest in Me, if you do not sacrifice for Me, if you are not prepared to spend quality time in My presence at the time of the evening breeze, like I used to do with Adam in the beginning, in the garden of Eden.

Are you prepared to name the truth, Truth and the lie, Lie?
Are you ready for My spirit to be poured into you? It might bring out the sin and the dirt in you, but the Holy spirit will make you anew and fill you with my burning Fire. It might hurt! Are you prepared to receive the pain too?

My dear one, I know your heart is sincere for Me and I know you love me.
But I have some things against you.

You have forgotten the Love I poured in you when you first knew Me! I want you to experience that Love again, a love for the ones who do not know me. To look at them with My eyes, with My love…
You have forgotten to readily repent, to run to Me when your cloak is stained, even if it’s only a tiny drop.
You have forgotten about those prayers known only to me, the times we spent together and I would talk to you and show you My will.

I renew this covenant with you today that I will strengthen you, fill your weakened vessel with My spirit and I will never ever forsake you! Even if the mountains will crumble in the depths of the valley, do not be afraid!

Trust in Me.

And yes, say no to half measures. I did not give you half measures.

I gave My all on the cross for you and I am prepared to give you everything you need to filled with My spirit! Are you ready?