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Our Core Values


Here at City Gate we are passionate about God and each other. We are a lively church family, who love to worship Jesus together. On Sundays we enjoy refreshments, then gather to worship and hear Gods word. You are very welcome to join us.



We belong to God and to each other, acknowledging Father God as the head of the household. Our church family is where we nurture, encourage, inspire, and have fun together. Everyone is valued and has a part to play. We extend grace, offer hospitality and we are accountable to each other. Church is the people, not a place.


We trust in God to supply all our needs. We access and steward this supply through faith, resulting in abundant provision and opportunities for generosity. We want to be generous with our time, money, energy, hospitality, attitude and words. We look out for situations where others are in need and seek to help in creative ways.


Exploring with God, stepping into new things. We take risks, encourage boldness, and creative expression in the arts, music, and the prophetic. We aren’t afraid to be different, or to do things differently.


Experiencing and enjoying the presence of God. Creating opportunities for ourselves and others to meet with and encounter Jesus. Engaging with the prophetic, worship, seeing signs and wonders. Partnering with the Holy Spirit.


We believe in the power of the Gospel to change lives. As willing disciples, we are open and teachable, meeting together to discuss, share and learn. Through Holy Spirit led ministry we pursue breakthroughs and spiritual growth. No-one is perfect, so we share, encourage and support each other, abounding in grace.


We are kingdom builders. Building connections with other churches and ministries. Cultivating networks where we can collaborate, encourage and share resources. We serve those around us, offering practical help locally, nationally and internationally. We hold training and fun events that bring people together.


We are people of The Word and faith, living and operating in a well-ordered, honouring way and obedient to God. We are people of our word, with strong moral principles. We steward our resources ethically, fairly, consistently and in a trustworthy manner.