James Kirby

James oversees the core team and plays in the music team at City Gate. He also works part time as a self-employed graphic designer, is married to Sarah and they have a 12 year old daughter.  James grew up in Andover and attended art college in Salisbury, he went on to university in Staffordshire before returning to the area and joining City Gate in 2000.

Stuart Rivers

After almost twenty years working in the corporate sector, in 2001 Stuart moved into church and charity leadership. He is the former chief executive of an international maritime charity, director of Quench (City Gate’s outreach arm), trustee of the Naval & Military Bible Society and has been directly involved in church leadership for over ten years.

Carole Hogg

Carole was born and raised in Scotland and has been married to Angus for 38 years. Together they have two children and four grandchildren. By profession she was a French, German and RE teacher. She became a Christian as a child and her real passion is to see people come to know Jesus as saviour and help them reach their full potential in God. She and Angus love to share their home with people plus spending time with friends.

Tre Murrell

Tre lives in Salisbury with her husband Jason and their two lively school aged sons. Tre’s done many jobs in her time from bus driving to hospital cleaning; charity administration to spare car parts delivery. She currently runs her own guitar teaching business where she gets to inspire young minds, play music and be basically childlike again. Tre studied in Southampton and has a degree in Biology, Sports Studies and Psychology which she one day hopes to use as a platform to study more. Her loves are her family, listening to all kinds of music, drinking obscure herbal teas and playing drums / guitar. To replenish her soul she enjoys cycling, kayaking and exploring ancient places.  She’s happiest losing track of time whilst touching depths with friends and has an insatiable curiosity to know people’s true stories.